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Saturday INTERVALS | Weekend Workout

Ok, guys, I’ve been reading a lot on fat and genetics because this is something I’ve struggled with my entire life. I’ve seen women who can gain weight and still look fantastic; slim arms, thick thighs, perfect cleavage and booty. How?? I gain weight in the most awkward way! It’s in all the places I’d rather not have it. My arms, my back, my hips and belly. Why have the gods cursed me so?

Well, it’s more a combination of nutrition and genetics. Additionally, one mistake I’ve made is focusing on building muscle in my arms and back – aka spot training. So for the next couple weeks, in addition to reverse dieting (which I’ll explain in another post) I’m going to be doing 3-4 days of interval training!

What is Interval Training?!

To put it in the simplest words, interval training is doing an intense exercise or series of exercises for, we’ll say 30 seconds each, followed by a short rest period. Some studies suggest that this not only helps you burn calories during the workout, but throughout the day as well!

What sort of exercises are best?!

For me, personally, I want to incorporate a full-body workout for these 3-4 days, something that I can also use weights in for some of the exercises. For example, burpees, push-ups, squats, planks – all of these use multiple major muscle groups, so I can add in a little overhead press with squats or lunges.

My workout for today is a bit of a taste test, if you will. I haven’t done interval training in literal years, so this should be interesting. Remember, NEVER SACRIFICE FORM! Without quality, the workout is virtually useless, if not dangerous.

In addition to the five full-body moves, I’ll be working on some shoulder moves since I’ve been LOVING the shape that’s starting to form in my delts. Another frustrating thing about how my body stores fat is that my upper arms are full of fat, but my shoulders are tiny, so the fact that the muscle has been showing up is probably one of the greatest non scale victories I’ve ever achieved!

My moves today are 30 seconds on each with a 30 second rest after each round:

High Knees
Alternating Lunges
Tricep Dips

Three rounds of the above, followed by a 1 minute rest before moving into my shoulder exercises:

Shoulder Press (3×8 20lbs)
V-Lift (3×8 8lbs)
Reverse fly (3×8 20lb)
Front raise to overhead (3×8 20lb)
Seated side lateral raise (3×8 20lbs)

And there you have it! WOOO! Who loves that after workout BURN? Don’t forget to stay hydrated, folks. I don’t know about you, but the heat is starting to creep up on us out here in the desert! Have a great weekend, everyone!


Back and Bi Day

Gah!!! Today has been busy already, but I managed to get my workout in so I can make a couple of calls and get some writing done. Keeping it short and sweet, the exercises I did today are down below.

Hammer curls: 3×6 (10lb each)
Back fly: 3×7 (10lb each)
Bend to Opposite Foot: 3×5 (10lb each)
Bicep Curls: 3×8 (10lb each)
Overhead Dumbbell Extension: 3×8(10lb)
Shoulder Press: 3×8 (10lb each)

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week!

Weekend Workout!

The past two days have been pretty groovy… except that my pain flare-ups have been frequent and intense! Not even ibuprofen has helped (no real surprise there). I’ve taken baths, had some massages from my devoted husband, and yet, there I was on my birthday and the day after my birthday. Hurting.

Luckily, walking tends to ease my pain, at least for an hour or so. So I went for a nice, brisk walk for about 30 minutes each day. Still, the pain returned. It was all right, I still managed to get done all the things I needed to, though I definitely crashed a LOT earlier than I usually would.

Since I missed my strength training workouts for those two days, I decided to do my best on the weekend, which brings me to my first workout that I managed with minimal pain! Today I decided to do legs and booty, check it out:

Alternate leg lifts: 3×8 side, 3×8 back
Plie squats: 3×10
Calf raise: 3×12
Seated calf raise with 20lb weight: 3×10
Squats: 3×10

I still have to do my cardio, which will be walking with the kiddos on our favorite trail after naptime. I hope everyone is having a groovy weekend!

Strong ARM-ing This Monday

It’s Monday, and you know what that means! Working these guns!

[edit: I totally forgot to post this because after writing this post out, life got busy and then I managed to crash at 10pm, so this is probably going to be a double post kinda day… my bad!]

Ordinarily I like to get my workout done in the morning, but I didn’t have time, so it was 3pm by the time I was free to get my sweat on. Check out my moves down below. All done with 10 lb dumbbells!

Kitchen cardio: 3 – 10 minute increments
Breaking my cardio into 10 minute increments has been a lot more convenient for me, given that it wasn’t nap time. I could do 10 minutes jogging in place, followed by a diaper change, 10 more minutes, oh it’s time to switch the laundry, 10 more minutes, and time to prepare dinner!


3×5 Dumbbell front raise into press
3×8 Hammer curls
3×6 Bent-over reverse fly
3×8 Dumbbell back rows
3×10 Alternate bicep curl

I would have liked to include one or two more exercises, but I was crunched for time so this is where I left it. I’d say it was a pretty decent workout – definitely not overworking myself like I usually do. I’m learning to practice the popular phrase of “pace yourself”.

Quick GUNS workout

This week is going to be CRAZY busy, but mama still needs to get her workout in. Today is upper body day and this is what today’s workout looked like:

3×8 Standing V-raise
3×8 Bent Over Row
3×10 Hammer Curls
3×8 Alternating Bicep Curls
3×8 Tricep Extension
3×10 Alternating Tricep Rows
3×8 Shoulder Press

Then I did my AM stretches – and boy did I feel STIFF!

As for my absence, I started a new medication and it’s caused quite a bit of fatigue, so my last two workouts have been a struggle. I didn’t have the energy to even write them down before I took a nap.

Anywho, I gotta jet. I hope you all are having a fantastic, productive Monday!

ABtastic Tuesday!

I’m gonna keep this short and sweet, because it has been QUITE the day, and for whatever reason, this workout was a lot harder than I anticipated. I did about 20 minutes of kitchen cardio as well:

Hip Thrusts 3×15
Butterfly Crunch 3×15
Side planks (3x 1 min each side)
Bicycle crunch (3x 1 minute)
Supermans (3x 30seconds)
Back extensions (3x 30seconds)

Hope everyone had an awesome Tuesday!

First Weighted Workout of 2019!!!

I haven’t been too in depth about my chronic pain with you folks, but let’s just say my weighted workouts have been fewer and farther in between as 2018 progressed. It seemed that no amount of “rest” or “recovery” time helped. To clarify: my body rarely hurts when I’m active, and in fact I feel pretty good for 30 minutes to a couple hours afterwards, but as the months dragged on, my bad pain days became a lot more common than my feel-good days, which makes finding the motivation to lift weights a bit of a challenge.

However, I’m pleased to say that I did my very first weighted workout of the year – 10 days in, not too bad if you ask me! Down below I’ve got my delt before pic and the exercises that I did. Hopefully I can build my delt muscles and lose some fat.

“Before” pic:

Exercises (sets)x(reps):

3×6 Double Forward Dumbbell Raise – 10 lbs
3×8 Bent Dumbbell Rows (alternating b/n wife and closed rows) – 20 lbs
3×8 Lateral Raise – 20 lbs
3×6 Shoulder Press – 20 lbs
3×5 Back Fly – 20 lbs
1 minutes of Prayer Pumps

There may be days, or weeks even, where I won’t be able to work out. I’m slowly learning to accept that. For now, I’m incredibly proud of this workout, and if you’re interested in hearing more or following along this journey, stay tuned because tomorrow I’ll have my weigh-in and more!