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Lessons We Learn From Autumn

In a couple days, Fall will have arrived! This season is one of my favorites for a number of reasons:

  • Scratch baking/cooking: pumpkin pie, turkey (though I haven’t mastered it completely), fall cookies, apple crisps, mashed potatoes, hearty soups
  • Pumpkin flavored everything!!!
  • Fall crafts: creating wreaths, hand turkeys, carving pumpkins
  • Hayrides, corn mazes, haunted houses
  • Halloween!!!
  • Thanksgiving!!!!
  • Cold weather (or cool weather if you live in the desert like we do)
  • Hot drinks: cider, cocoa, PSL, tea
  • Cozy clothes

But this season serves an even greater purpose – and no, I’m not talking about how it’s finally cool enough to run without the discomfort of external heat! Fall serves as the perfect metaphor for self-improvement and moving on.

The most obvious part of Fall is change. Leaves turn colors, the weather shifts from hot to cool, the nights get longer and the days shorter. Nature welcomes the change. What we can learn from nature and its constant shifts, is to embrace the changes.

Maybe a relationship or friendship ended, you got fired, you found out a friend is moving away, or you have to move away. No one said change was easy, and if Fall could speak, I’m sure it’d say how brutal it can be. But sometimes you just need to ride it like a wave.

Another thing Autumn teaches us is to let things go. Trees lose their leaves, but they do not wilt and die as a result of the loss. They regrow! I had a talk with my oldest son recently. He said he wished he could forget something mean he heard someone say. I told him, it’s important that you don’t forget, but you can forgive – just let go of the anger or hurt, and move on, focus on the good. Mean people are usually just mad at themselves and it has nothing to do with you or anyone they’re mean to.

I don’t forget every vile thing someone has said to or about me, or the gossip another person tells me. But I’ve learned that these are not the people who will stick around in the long run. They aren’t going to serve as anything more than lessons on the human condition.

Nature shifts so drastically in the seasons. Leaves change their color, they fall, and then the trees grow new leaves, sometimes even fruit! Without Autumn and Winter, we wouldn’t have Spring and Summer. Every season serves a purpose, which shows us that there are greater things to come. There are bigger and better things on the horizon, you just need to push through the hard times.

This season, try to appreciate the little things. Treat yourself, take a moment to enjoy the smell of rain, make yourself a cup of steaming hot chocolate, snuggle up with a book or Netflix, spend a little longer in the decorations section than you normally would, sniff the hell out of those fall candles! We all have responsibilities, but make sure you’re taking care of yourself as the season changes. Don’t let anyone shame you or drag you down for enjoying life!



No One Can Motivate You But Yourself

In the first week or so of 2018 – and of having a motivation/accountability group – I’ve noticed that most people don’t make their health a priority. It’s not my business what someone looks like or how high their blood pressure is or what their TDEE is… except when someone asks me for help.

The whole reason I got my personal training certificate was so that I could help people, and then after I had my baby, I would have the knowledge to help myself. The first step to all of this is having the motivation to do it.

Anyone can say they want to lose weight, but if you don’t have the motivation, it’s not going to happen. I see people using humor as a defense mechanism, or complain about the way they look, but make excuses for not making changes.

If you can only make excuses, then you need to stop making statements of what you want. “I want to lose weight, but my knees/shoulder/tendons hurt”, or “I want to workout, but I don’t have any time”, etc.

You’re not handed a perfect bill of health, you have to work for it. These are the only reasons I can think of that might convince others to change their lifestyle:

  • Lack of exercise increases body fat. You are meant to have a certain amount of fat on your body, but increased body fat shows in between your organs (it’s called visceral fat). Too much body fat between your organs can cause: coronary heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, sleep disorders, depression, etc.
  • Not eating healthy can result in nutrient deficiencies, which results in anemia, defected bone growth, muscular dystrophy, higher risk of chronic diseases, accelerated aging, and a decline in mental health
  • Lack of exercise can result in high blood pressure, osteoporosis, easily getting winded (grocery shopping or walking up stairs could become a challenge), slower metabolism, prone to injury, sexual dysfunction, etc.