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The Summer Health Challenge!!

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t give myself a seasonal challenge to work on. I’ve given up animal products for a period of time (turns out that makes for worse pain flare-ups), I’ve done 30 day squat challenges, switching up my workout routine, focusing on the mental aspect of health, etc. What can I say? I like a good challenge.

For this summer, I needed to come up with something good. What better to focus on than my diet? My biggest struggle has always been my damaged relationship with food. Growing up, I turned to food and self-harm. When I met my birth mom at 18 years old, I developed an eating disorder and starved myself for the better part of 5 years until I found out I was pregnant. I went from eating 0-300 calories a day, to eating 1200 minimum, some days I’d eat 1500. I gained 100 pounds in the process.

After giving birth, I was miserable and desperate to get rid of the weight. My focus should have been just moving more and focusing on a healthy, regular diet.

It wasn’t until my second pregnancy that I turned my mental health around and it was a struggle. It’s still a struggle to this day. My biggest argument with myself every single day is over food, and unless you go through that inner battle, you just have no idea how tormenting and frustrating it can be.

Now that my tangent and oversharing is done, let’s reel it back to my relationship with food, which again, is very damaged. So my main challenge for this summer is going to be a doozy:

No. More. Refined. Carbs.

It sounds like a former anorexic using an excuse to control shit, and in a way, it is. But if you look at it from a logical stand-point, it makes sense.

Let’s look at refined carbs and why I think they can be a crutch to people who struggle with mental illnesses – I’m not a doctor, I’m speaking from my personal experience and a couple of friends who have shared similar sentiments with their overall health.

Refined carbs – or simple carbohydrates – are not all bad. Fruit and certain dairy products are very beneficial to your overall health. However, they also raise insulin quickly which can satiate you for a short period of time, only to crash and create cravings – something I have a major problem with.

The difference between refined and natural in simple carbs is pretty obvious, but for this summer’s challenge, I’m focusing on removing refined carbs. If you have a mental illness, you might turn to these refined, simple carbs in times of pain.

In addition to anorexia, I was diagnosed with BPD years ago – depression being a major factor of it for the majority of my adolescent and teenage years. One of my symptoms is impulsive and destructive behaviors. Since having kids, I shifted from the destructive pattern of behaviors to less harmful ones – like changing my hair any time I felt the urge. One problem is the impulse of food. If I see someone eating something, I’ll need to eat that too. It’s a very difficult impulse to control and shut down, but I’m taking on this challenge with an open mind in hopes that it can help.

From June 1st until August 31st, I will abide by these rules:

Remove Refined Carbs from Diet

I love bread, pasta, nachos, donuts. I’m not a huge fan of sweets 90% of the time, but when it comes to the Italian and Mexican food, I am all about it. Goodbye lasagna and fast food, hello whole grains, fresh fruit, and protein-rich food.

Track Daily

I track my water every single day, and when I’m feeling froggy, I track my food too. I have a horrible habit of neglecting myfitnesspal’s food diary, which can result in me both undereating and overeating. Luckily, this summer I’m creating a meal plan to keep things as easy and organized (and frugal) as possible. Measuring and tracking my own food is going to be a challenge in and of itself. Wish me luck.

Two “Cheat” Days Per Month

Kinda. What I want to do is basically track how I feel about what I’m eating twice a month. I’m not promising that I’ll gorge on pasta and pizza, but I definitely want to give myself the option and really think about my mental state if I choose to utilize those “cheat” days. So I guess I can think of them more as Mental Health Check days.

Reverse Diet

The second and third week of July are going to be reverse dieting weeks, in order to keep my metabolism in check. I did a lot of damage to my metabolism the last few years without even realizing, so keeping it in check is an absolute must – this doesn’t mean binging on whatever is in front of me. It just means increasing calories to maintenance levels.

Maintain an Eating and Workout Schedule

Actually, an overall schedule is a must. I’ll have all the boys full-time this summer, so I want to come up with something that works for us, a schedule that will allow me to get everything I need to done while the boys are kept happy and healthy. This might involve me getting up at 4am instead of 5am just to insure my workouts get done. Whatever it takes!

This is a personal challenge, but if you think this might be fun to do, feel free to join me! I’d love to see more folks test their own limits. I’ll catch you guys next time, have a safe and fun weekend!


Measure-In Monday | Week #3

Wooo!!!! Another week down in the books! As most of you know it’s been a busy time in our neck of the woods!

Between moving out of The Place We Do Not Speak of, and moving into this cute and quaint house, getting furniture, filling out paperwork, and doing the whole Super Mom thing, I haven’t had time for much social media or even my own hobbies!

The one thing I’m happy about is that I’ve been physically moving my body a lot more throughout the day! We have stairs too, so you can bet I’ve been going up and down multiple times a day – imagine being very forgetful and blanking on why you went upstairs, only to go downstairs again and remembering! Yeah, that’s a thing!

I still haven’t managed to find my tape measure so I don’t really have an accurate set of numbers to share, but I have a feeling it’s within an inch overall loss (and hopefully a bit of muscle gain with all the lifting and moving I’ve been doing lol).

Until next week, catch y’all later!

Measure-In Monday | Week #3

I have some good news, and some bad news! Let’s start with the bad because why not?

Ok so if I haven’t mentioned it enough, my husband and I have finally signed a lease for a much bigger place, which means we’ve been in the process of packing. The only things not packed and/or already in the truck are bigger furniture pieces and the essentials. You know, bathroom stuff, food, some clothes.

Unfortunately I made the rookie mistake of packing away my tape measure… I know, I know. How could you, Raine? HOW??

Idk, mom brain, I guess?

But here comes the good news! I’ve lost .4 lbs since last week. So in a way, it’s still a measure in. It doesn’t seem like much but we’re going for slow and lasting results.

Anywho I’ve got a bit more to do here before we’re ready to dip out of this place so I’ll catch you guys next Monday!

Measure-In Monday | Week #2

Well, folks, we’ve got some good news and some bad news. The good news is I lost 2 and a half inches all over… the bad news is I didn’t reach my daily water intake last week, so this week, I’m sticking with that as my goal until I can manage an entire week without missing a day!

Last week was a trial, given the stuff going on with the house we’re currently in, and moving within the next week. It’s been stressful!

But my husband and I had our anniversary yesterday, so we went to this restaurant in the town we’re moving to. It was so good! I got this veggie filled cajun alfredo with blackened chicken, and my husband got a classic chicken fried steak. Our eldest ended up with this huge mac n cheese burger!

A few bites in and I was filled to the brim! Obviously I took the rest home for leftovers lol

This week is going to be heavy on the packing so I probably won’t upload my workouts, but I assure you, they are getting done! Until next time!

Building That Willpower Muscle

There’s no denying the biological reaction we get from food. Certain foods satisfy us for shorter periods, resulting in consuming more food and gaining weight. This is common knowledge.

What’s not common knowledge, or at least not practiced as much as exercise, is the use of willpower. It’s tough to break the cycle of turning to food that doesn’t satiate you, but using that metaphorical muscle known as willpower – warning, this is not the same for those who have been diagnosed with a food addiction, that’s a whole different psychological ball game.

Today, I practiced my willpower. To start the day, I had water. I had a doctor appointment, and I don’t know about you guys, but if my body is getting checked out, I don’t feel too hungry until I’ve had my peace of mind from the appointment. “Oh, I’m good to go? Groovy, time for an avocado salad, thank you!”

Luckily my appointment was early enough in the morning that I didn’t have to worry too much about hunger. After my appointment it was time to get groceries, but my husband and littlest kiddo were hungry, so where did they go? Oh, just Dunkin’ Donuts. No big.

Did the donut queen have any, though? No, I did not. And it’s not exactly that I didn’t want a donut… but I didn’t feel a particular necessity to get one. In recent months, I would have been on top of it, but after analyzing my erratic food behavior (restrict for awhile, go ham one day, eat at maintenance the next, etc.), I was able to ascertain what my body needed and legitimately craved. What I really needed to do was break the habit of being irregular with my food habits!

For one, I wanted a soy chai latte, because those drinks are delicious and don’t upset my stomach the way coffee and espresso have lately. After grocery shopping, we stopped at Starbucks and headed home. 310 kcals and 60g of carbs! Usually that would be way too much for me in a single sitting, but ya girl needed the energy, let me tell you!

The grocery shopping itself went so smoothly. I mean, we spent about an hour and a half getting everything (or at least almost everything) we needed, so we got some good movement in. Though I still have a leg workout and my kitchen cardio to do!

Yesterday, even, I was surprised at how smart I was being with my food choices – because I kept my goal in mind. My birthday is tomorrow and I have a feeling the pizza I have picked out, won’t even be entirely annihilated, not by me anyway.

Building that willpower, making better choices, staying active – all comes from the amount of effort you put into it. You can’t expect to build deltoids by sitting at a computer all day, nor can you burn fat by doing nothing. It takes dedication, and what’s helping me is keeping that end goal in my line of sight. AT. ALL. TIMES.


Bridal Bootcamp: June Edition

Y’all ready for this

Get it? See what I did there?

No but seriously, I’ve got 5 months until I walk down the metaphorical aisle and I want to look as badass as humanly possible, which means it might be time for a little diet switch. I’ve hit a plateau and it is not settling with me very well. Why would it? It’s a flippin plateau! The further along in this journey we go, the more plateaus we hit, that’s just the reality we face.

Before I talk about my health and fitness plans for this month, I need to talk to you guys about something and maybe one of you can offer some advice: My back pain (which may be a workout injury, or a bad mattress, or a number of things that I can’t diagnose) has gotten worse. I no longer sit much during the day and if I do, I’m extremely self-conscious of my posture for fear of back spasms. I thought getting a new mattress might help things but I don’t think that’s going to help. So I’m definitely going to take it easy on my workouts this month, on the off chance that it’s workout-injury related.


My meal plans are going to stay the same with regards to calories, but instead of just blindly looking around for the least carbs/most protein noms that we have I’m going to be drinking a juice (of my creation, recipes to follow if I can manage that), a protein shake, a salad, and an intuitive meal for dinner.

My workouts will be light and include more yoga (well, yoga in general because my yoga has been so bloody limited). Fingers crossed, I’d love to tone up but right now I need to heal my rebellious back!

I’ll check in with you guys on Monday!


Measure In #4 | No Junk January

Gain this week: 1 3/4 inches

I ended up taking an impromptu but much needed rest week, due to a pull in one of my chest muscles and another in my hamstring. I had a liquid heavy diet, with saltines as well because it felt as though I had a sinus infection – and considering I’ve had a cold for over a month, I’m not too surprised. This happened when I was pregnant with my second son, and it was AWFUL!

Next week’s goal: Lose what I gained, plus 1/4 of an inch!

The week was all right, though not as physically productive due to my body needing a rest. I progressed a lot with my writing and have been writing down little ideas for recipes. Sunday I made a taco pie, which is a brand new one for me! I could barely eat any, but I’m happy to say the guys enjoyed it enough to finish the whole pan! I’m way backlogged on my recipes, but I’ll have extra time this week to take care of that.

That’s all the update I have for you guys, I’ll catch you later!