It’s Thursday, and we are approaching the weekend! I can smell the greasy food and wine already, but we’re not there yet. I think I mentioned it, but if I didn’t, I want to keep up with two to three strength training workouts each week (if I can manage it, I know I won’t be fortunate for all of 2019). I did legs on Tuesday, and today I worked my chest, back, shoulders, biceps AND triceps!

The Workout:

3×8 Standing V-Raise (3 lbs each)
3×6 Bent Rows (10 lbs each)
3×8 Double Dumbbell Shoulder Press (10 lbs each)
3×8 Hammer Curls (10 lbs each)
3×8 Reverse Flys (3 lbs each)
3×8 Lateral Raises (3 lbs each)
3×8 Tricep Extension (10 lbs)
3×8 Lying Dumbbell Press (10 lbs each)

The above took about 35 minutes because #momlife but I mean, I got it in! WOO! Afterwards, I did my usual morning stretches. I’m already feeling it in my upper body, but it’ll be worth it.

PS: Today started as a bad pain day and it’s only been a few minutes since doing the stretching and workout, so the ease of pain in my body is probably going to be temporary and just as a result of an endorphin rush, but I hope it lasts a good long while.

Have an awesome week and weekend everyone!


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