Check out my video to see how I do it or scroll below for instructions:

2 instant pudding mixes
1 pack of oreos
1 bar of white chocolate or a pack of white chocolate melts
Nutter butters split in half (for the tombstones)
Candy pumpkins
Gummy worms
Red cookie icing for a puddle of blood and writing on tombstones


  1. Prepare pudding according to package
  2. Crush oreos (you can put them in a bag and let out some anger by smashing them with a rolling pin, or just put them in a food processor or blender)
  3. Layer the pudding and oreos evenly, with the last layer being thickly oreo’d
  4. Melt the white chocolate and coat the nutter butters in the melted white chocolate, set aside to cool
  5. When the nutter butter tombstones are cooled, write RIP on them with cookie icing
  6. After the RIP writing is set, place the tombstones, a pumpkin, worms and a puddle of cookie icing into the oreo pudding cups
  7. There you have it! A spooky treat the whole family will enjoy!

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