Monday Check-In!

In addition to doing my youtube videos, I’ll be posting with a little more depth into my journey. So hold onto your pants guys, this should be very interesting and entertaining.

This past week has been a rough one. I lost a friend who apparently never had any interest in us even being friends in the first place and befriended me to try and screw up my relationship (not realizing how honest my significant other is with me… about everything, literally). I can delve into that a little bit deeper, but until I have a moment to organize my thoughts on that, I’m letting it sit and stew in the corner.

There was also a more serious loss in the family, someone I had never met but had a huge impact on everyone else. I could tell how important he was and how much those connected to him loved him. My significant other has stated, of course that we just have to keep going because he wouldn’t have wanted any of them to get stuck in a rut or fall back.

As for my weight loss, I’ve been noticing a significant change in my body… at least when I’m naked. My chest and face have probably lost the most fat, whereas my booty has been making the gains!

This week we had our monthly cheat meal of… you already know what it is, don’t you?

If you guessed Taco Bell, you are correct! Let’s be honest, I love a good cheat meal, but good Lord were we feeling it! I’ll leave those symptoms to your imagination. Other than that we’ve been eating quite well! I post almost daily with regards to my nutrition and workouts on instagram so feel free to follow me there for even more updates.

We’ve been going on our walks as well. Last week, I didn’t end up running at all due to this challenge I did earlier where people like the post for me to do 2 sit-ups, comment for me to do 5 squats, and share for me to do 5 jumping jacks. My thighs and ass were hurtin’ for certain!

If you’ve managed to stick with me this far, go ahead and check out my video!



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