Recipe: Tunami Sandwich

Ok, guys, you caught me. I’m a fraud. I absolutely admit to stealing the name from Bob’s Burgers. If I’m being honest, the name definitely should be reserved for something a little more epic than this little sandwich. But since I can’t think of anything else in my 5 month post-partum brain, we’re gonna stick with it.

Do you ever have one of those days where you just don’t know what to make so you search your cupboards and pantry to throw something together? Yeah, that’s pretty much my life. I like to think of it as Improv: The Theatre of Life (or in this case, the Kitchen but I digress).

Luckily, the chances of you having these ingredients are quite high, and surprise you only need 3 ingredients! Plus, you can spice this up, add produce, sliced meats, sauce, you name it!

I’ll list it with the ingredients and directions below so you can do the math a little easier, but this concoction’s macros are specific to these brands that I used – and you know my cheap ass likes to use store brands rather than that name brand stuff. Chanel, who?

But as I always say, it’s better to be basic than bland. That should really be my kitchen motto. MOVING ON!

We start off with a can of tuna (big shocker there) and drain the can. Pour the entire can into a bowl and then add 2 tablespoons of your favorite type of mayo. I’ve always wanted to try a chipotle mayo… maybe I’ll make my own someday. Hey, a newbie can dream!

Wanna guess what happens next? Scroll down to find out!

Predictable. But easy! As soon as you’ve blended the tuna and mayo together, you’re going to spread that ish onto your slice of bread, slap the top on and slice it up! It’s easy, you can add a bunch of stuff to it and it’s packed with protein!

As you can tell, the tuna mixture alone is pretty thick, but there’s nothing wrong with adding a leaf or two of lettuce, some avocado (ok, you caught me, I’m a California girl), and maybe something spicy like hot sauce or sliced jalapenos!

For me, however, I’m satisfied with it just as is and a side of chips! For those of you wondering why diet soda? I’m one of those annoying folks that doesn’t like to drink their calories unless there’s alcohol in it.

I’m hoping that you guys don’t need the directions because my sleep-deprived brain is feeling a little lazy.

Calories per sandwich: 400
Carbohydrates: 20g
Protein: 25g
Fat: 24g


I hope you guys enjoyed this simple recipe! If you did, go ahead and hit that follow button, share this with your friends and leave me a comment on what you’d add to your tunami sandwich! Have a happy Sunday and I’ll see you next time!


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