Monday Check-In: FAT LOSS

Another week down and my progress is finally evident! I might have mentioned, or maybe I didn’t, that this month my focus would be on my arms and back. DISCLAIMER: That does not mean I’m only doing arm and back related workouts; I’m just more focused on those area considering that’s where my weaknesses are.

I’ve been doing 3 arm/back days a week and it’s starting to pay off. I don’t have nearly as many progress pictures as I would like but this one is something special.

Yesterday, I measured around my right bicep. You can imagine my shock and awe when I saw that I had dropped from 13 inches to 11.5! I started focusing more on these areas on July 25th, which makes that a good 2 week progress. My goal was to be down to 11 inches by October, so I think I’ll make it in good time! Let’s see if I can zap that half an inch over the next 2 weeks!

In other areas, I’ve lost about half an inch around my hips. I haven’t focused nearly as much on my midsection as I probably should. I definitely put my booty over my abs, but next month my challenge will be to shrink down 2 inches around my hips.

Second DISCLAIMER: Those of you who follow my youtube videos will notice that I don’t have a “progress” video… I do, but due to how I feel about clutter and multiple uploads per day/week, my progress video won’t be going up until the following Monday. This Monday I have my recipe video of my delicious breakfast sandwich. The perks of working in food service is learning how to do that stuff at home!

Until next update, guys! Keep up the hard work and don’t forget to hydrate!

RECIPE: The Brunchwich

In today’s video, I made an oh-so-delicious breakfast sandwich that was packed with protein and it was filling! So if you have an extra 15 minutes in the morning or whenever – because let’s be honest, breakfast food is acceptable at every meal – then go ahead and try this out!

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Monday Check-In!

In addition to doing my youtube videos, I’ll be posting with a little more depth into my journey. So hold onto your pants guys, this should be very interesting and entertaining.

This past week has been a rough one. I lost a friend who apparently never had any interest in us even being friends in the first place and befriended me to try and screw up my relationship (not realizing how honest my significant other is with me… about everything, literally). I can delve into that a little bit deeper, but until I have a moment to organize my thoughts on that, I’m letting it sit and stew in the corner.

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Recipe: Tunami Sandwich

Ok, guys, you caught me. I’m a fraud. I absolutely admit to stealing the name from Bob’s Burgers. If I’m being honest, the name definitely should be reserved for something a little more epic than this little sandwich. But since I can’t think of anything else in my 5 month post-partum brain, we’re gonna stick with it.

Do you ever have one of those days where you just don’t know what to make so you search your cupboards and pantry to throw something together? Yeah, that’s pretty much my life. I like to think of it as Improv: The Theatre of Life (or in this case, the Kitchen but I digress).

Luckily, the chances of you having these ingredients are quite high, and surprise you only need 3 ingredients! Plus, you can spice this up, add produce, sliced meats, sauce, you name it!

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Recipe: Breakfast Bowl For Two!

Ever since my boyfriend and I moved in, I have been cooking like a maniac – which is interesting, considering I’m a baker, not a chef. I’m pretty much Episode 1 of My Drunk Kitchen Hannah Hart. I can follow directions and I know what I like.

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Mac and Cheese: Deadly?!

Whether you’re searching for a youtube video or an article via google, one thing is certain. Everyone is convinced Kraft Mac and Cheese will kill us all. First, the misleading but apparently omniscient Food Babe convinced people that Kraft had toxins in their food – I’d rather not link to her site and give her the clicks, so let’s sum it up to this sentence taken from one of her many articles about the company:

Kraft is using this new campaign to distract people’s attention away from the petroleum based artificial dyes they use in Mac & Cheese to hot sexy abs.

If that’s not some esoteric, cult-like language, I don’t know what is. We already know she endorses her products because of those affiliate links, but her behavior has always been reminiscent of that of a self-centered, spoiled brat who thinks she’s right about everything.


As if that nonsense wasn’t bad enough to deal with – and yes, Kraft did change their recipe as they had already been planning before her bogus petition of “a quarter of a million” signatures – a phrase that people like Vani Hari (Food Babe) use, instead of actual numbers, to convince you that their following is larger than it is – but just recently there was an article by the New York Times, regarding the phthalates in our dear old Mac and Cheese!

Before we get into that, let’s discuss what phthalates are. The exact definition won’t tell you much unless you’re a chemistry whiz (and we love all of you chemists out there, truly).


Let’s just keep it simple by stating what the purpose of a phthalate is: it’s used to increase the flexibility and durability of what it’s added to – mostly plastics. To say that a chemical found both in a food item and non-food item is automatically toxic would be irresponsible, and completely untrue.

In high doses, yes phthalates can cause harm, to pregnant women and their unborn children, as the article stated. However, it’s worth noting that the article doesn’t even bother to mention the dose at which the mac and cheese would need to be consumed in order to cause any damage at all! After all, the dose makes the poison. Not the other way around.


For example, a glass of Merlot with my dinner is not going to harm me; in fact, it has its benefits. An entire bottle might cause some judgment impairment, a serious hangover in the morning and, with continued alcohol use, could lead to cirrhosis and other organ problems. That one glass of Merlot, though, will have zero negative impact on my health.

In addition to the misinformation being spread, you should pay attention to where the study was published, the study that the New York Times had written the misleading article about. It came from a group called, which doesn’t list a single scientist as its author. It doesn’t seem to directly name anyone, and I can’t get behind a “movement” like that; one which blatantly misleads consumers of a product it’s rallying against, with little evidence to back its claims.

How did so many news outlets manage to write articles and make videos about this study without even checking the source? The same way Vani Hari convinces people of what to eat and what not to eat… Fear mongering!


People buy into what you’re saying when you use terms like toxic, chemicals, and anything as long as your words seem like you can back up what you say… even if you can’t. It takes a certain kind of charisma (and lack of moral code) to steer people away from a harmless product that they once enjoyed.

But hey, Vani Hari of Food Babe needs to earn her paycheck like the rest of us, doesn’t she?



For more information on phthalates, check out the FDA’s page dedicated to the subject right here!